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A blog dedicated to serial killers. Mostly posting about the Columbine Killers, Jeffrey Dahmer, and a variety of others.Don't lose your mind.


Normandy Elementary School where Dylan spend the 1st and 2nd grades.

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Fuck the basement tapes  release the photos of Dylan hugging a cactus from when he went to Arizona.

This. ^^

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-Eric Harris (Basement tape transcript)

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It’s a weird feeling knowing you’re going to be dead in two and a half weeks.


Nintendo’s sales haven’t been what they hoped for or expected, so all the executives got together and made the decision to cut their salaries in half to ensure their employees still get paid. They say it’s the fault of the executives that the products aren’t selling well, not their employees, so it isn’t fair for the employees to have to take the hits for that.

Why are there people who don’t like or respect Nintendo again?

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